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  1. The José Hernández Institute (Villa Ballester, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) organizes since 1999 the annual recreation of the General Conference of UNESCO. The exercise involves young people from 14 to 19 years old from schools in Argentina and abroad. The elderly can be enrolled by tertiary and university education establishments.


  1. The objective of these meetings is to train young people in the knowledge of various aspects of the world reality, the debate and the consensual contribution of solutions, as well as in the approach of curricular contents from a novel and attractive technique.

The activity consists in the recreation of the General Conference of UNESCO, in three Commissions: Sciences, Social Sciences, and Education and Culture. It consists of informal negotiations and formal debates which results are Draft Resolutions, which are subsequently sent to the local Ministry of Education, through the National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO (CONAPLU).

The activity is not "belligerent", due to the quality of the topics; it is a different way of channeling the curricular contents. It is not a competitive exercise; therefore no order of merit is established.


  1. This new edition will take place at the headquarters of the José Hernández Institute from October 2nd 2019 to October 5th 2019. The ENROLLMENT DEADLINE is August 16, 2019. The organizers recommend to do it well before then, in order to have more countries of preference and have more time for research and preparation

The topics to be addressed are those defined for the biennium by the General Conference of UNESCO (two per Commission) and will be informed in a timely manner.

Students can participate in delegations of four or seven members. Each delegation represents a country of the 195 member states of UNESCO. The country to be represented is assigned to the participants once they complete and send the registration form for the participating educational establishment.

  1. To obtain more information about the event and complete the registration forms, Please find below the contact information:

Electronic Mail: info@instjosehernandez.com.ar

Website: www.instjosehernandez.com.ar

Telephones: (+54 11) 4764 3311; (+54 11) 4768 4481.

  1. Schools can register by sending by fax, postal or electronic mail, the aforementioned form consigning all data.
  2. The cost of registration per participating student is USD 50.- (Fifty United States Dollars).
  3. Once the registration of the school is finished, students will receive the registration forms and the material for the training of the model.

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