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Decree on employment quotas for transvestites, transgender and transsexuals in the National Public Administration

On August 18th, President Alberto Fenández created, through Decree 680/2020, the National Cabinet for the Mainstreaming of Gender Policies. Said Cabinet will be chaired by the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers and composed of the highest authorities of all the Ministries, the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), the National Agency for Disability (ANDIS), the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) and the Comprehensive Medical Care Program (PAMI).

The initiative is part of the robust constitutional and legal framework of our country, at the same time that it responds to the international commitments assumed by the National State in matters of gender equality, promotion and protection of the human rights of women and sexual diversity. In this sense, it is highlighted that domestic and international law oblige the State to adopt effective measures on these issues, which require maximum coordination between Public Administration agencies in such a way that the gender approach is implemented across the board in all public policies that are implemented.

It should be noted that the main functions of the aforementioned Cabinet will be to agree on actions for the incorporation of the gender perspective both in its budgetary component as well as in management and execution; articulate joint strategies for monitoring compliance with the programs to be implemented, through indicators applicable to all the ministries; and develop training and specialization actions in each area.

This government measure represents an advance for the consolidation of the gender and sexual diversity approach as a state policy of our country, transversal to all government areas, which reaffirms the leadership of our country in the matter.





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