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Commercial Documents

Processing Time up to 5 business days.

Please note that we follow two different procedures:

Legalization: which certifies that a signature on a document is genuine. Consular fee: USD 200.- per document.

Visto y Registrado: only states that the document has been presented on a certain date at this Embassy. Consular fee: USD 200.- per document.

Neither the legalization nor the visto y registrado certify the content of the documents.

Certificates of Origin

  • Certificates must be presented in original (NO EXCEPTION).  All signatures must be in original and hand written.
  • The certifying authority must be the  Local Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The consignor must be based in Indonesia or Timor Leste, and the consignee based in Argentina.
  • Certificates must include: invoice number, country of origin.
  • Legalization is the only procedure applying to this Certificate.

Legalisation of other commercial documents, except invoice

Please Enquire



  • Invoice must be in original
  • Invoice must be certified by Local Chamber of Commerce only.
  • The fee is USD 200.- in all cases, as only VISTO Y REGISTRADO applies.


All payments are to be made at the bank, on the day of drop off, with payment slip handed in by this Embassy. Pick up and drop off are, therefore, personal. No couriering of documents is accepted.

After visiting our webpage, please direct your specific enquiries to consulares_eisia@mrecic.gov.ar

Setelah anda mengunjungi website kami, apabilah ada pertanyaan mengenai visa dan legalisir dokumen silahkan hanya mengirimkan email ke consulares_eisia@mrecic.gov.ar

Certification of Commercial Documents

Legalisation of Public and Private Documents

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