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Argentine writer Sergio Chejfec made public presentations in Indonesia

With the sponsorship of the Embassy of Argentina in Indonesia, during the month of October the writer Sergio Chejfec participated of the Literature and Ideas Festival (LIFEs 2017) at the Salihara Foundation in the city of Jakarta and the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in the city of Ubud (UWRF), province of Bali.

During his participation in LIFEs on October 21st 2017, he was in charge of a workshop for young Indonesian writers and participated, together with the writers Verónica Stigger (Brazil) and Feby Indirani (Indonesia), of a round table focused on the rapport between Latin American and Indonesian literatures.

Within the framework of the UWRF, on October 26th 2017, he partook in a round table on Latin American literature along with the writers Héctor Abad (Colombia) and Carmen Boullosa (Mexico); which was moderated by the Spanish-speaking writer Jamie James (USA).

Likewise, on October 27, 2017 he participated in the round tables "The walking cure " together with the writers Simon Armitage (United Kingdom) and Paula Constant (Australia), which was moderated by Sophie Cunningham (Australia), and "Past, present and future" together with the writers Bernice Chauly (Malaysia) and Madeleine Thien (Canada), moderated by Michael Williams (Australia).

It is noteworthy to point out that all the activities had a wide and positive reception by the Indonesian public, wñho not only showed interest in the work of Mr. Chejfec but also in the Argentine literature as a whole.

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