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Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE for its acronym in Spanish)

Indonesian citizens holders of ordinary passports wishing to travel to Argentina as tourists and in possession of a valid category B2 visa issued by the United States of America or a valid Schengen visa category C, may apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE) to the National Migration Office of Argentina.


The applicant must start the process of the AVE, through the following official website of the National Directorate of Migration http://www.migraciones.gov.ar/ave/index.htm entering through the icon identified as ''Tourism Rate "and selecting the option Electronic Travel Authorization.


The interested party must first access the payment platform, where he/she will pay fifty US dollars (USD 50.-), and then complete the application form. The "ID procedure" is the sticker number that appears on the receipt when making the payment. The applicant must prepare a PDF file scanning his/her complete passport and fill in all the fields of the form.


The applicant will then receive a notification by e-mail from the National Immigration Office indicating whether your AVE has been approved or not.


His/her process must be done by the interested party, the Embassy cannot intervene, nor having any responsibility in it.


It is suggested to follow the instructions carefully so as not to make technical mistakes.


Any issue related to AVE should be addressed directly to the National Directorate of Migration through this e-mail: ave@migraciones.gov.ar


ATTENTION: the AVE is only for Indonesian citizens who travel to Argentina as tourists, when the reason for the trip is business or another cause, a visa must be requested in the Consular Section of this Embassy.

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